“Halo jeb! You must try it, our new menu.”
“What is that?”
“Just try, and taste” she said excitedly.
“It’s burn my tongue, but i want! Aaaaah!” Then i looked for water.
“Just wait for 10 minutes, jeb!”
“Ah oui, bien-sûr”

It was my little conversation with her. She reminds me to my mom. She greats at cook, she has a beautiful smile. She returns my mood, when i have bad day. Thanks bu yamsir.

Pour réduire le stress

Quelquefois, est-ce que tu sens le stress? C’est ça la vie.
Écouter de la muisique est une façon pour réduire le stress. La muisique classique ou la muisique instrumentale a un effect calm. Écouter de la muisique 30 minutes avant de dormir peut soulager la douleur.

Jouer un instrument la muisique peut pratique la concentration. Si vous ne pouvez pas jouer de la muisique, vous pouvez écouter de la muisique que vous aimez comme la muisique classique, pop, rock, metal, dangdut, alternative, etc.

Vous pouvez aussi aller à la plage, faire de la randonée, manger du chocholat, faire du sport comme le football, le basketball et la natation. Vous devez faire du sport 3 fois par semaine et écouter de la muisique.

I love the morning when i have to wake up without reason. Then i fart because of the wind last night. Getting starving but i have no meal. Getting vertigo when i try to stand up from bed. Drink two cups of water. Open my window and the sun is smiling. Go to college and meet my awesome friends, then we do boring activities. But i love the morning.

I gave you everything, my heart and soul, i thought you’re a star, that i adore, i worship. I thought about you every night, i wrote letters about you, i spent my time with you, i was so glad being with you. When we did night calls, being anxious when you didn’t text me, remind you to drank water, then we met at the class. I thought you’re in the same way with me, about what i feel. But you said it just for fun. It hurts. But, thanks for nothing, everything was my fault.

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